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Money, Sex, & The Mundane

This is the couple’s retreat package. This package begins as a 2-day package and allows for up to 5-days of retreat services. This package targets the three most common reasons couples come to counseling in the first place and includes creative and evidenced based services that can be experienced either privately or as a group.


The Team Skill Building Dream

This package is tailored for families and organizations looking to focus specifically on increasing skills as opposed to focusing on the healing process. This package is offered for 1-3 consecutive days. This is an experiential and education driven retreat; more similar to a workshop. It targets communication as an umbrella for all healthy interactions around difficult things such as strategy, budgeting, problem solving, body awareness, development of goals and objectives, sudden change, and personal growth.


I’m Strong on my Own

I’m Strong on my Own Package is specific to individuals who either want to explore, experience, process, and skill build on their own in a private session or in a group of new friends.



Rethink Industries offers Individual (Children, Adolescents & Adults), Couples, Family, and Organizational Retreats – both privately and in groups, as well as operates a private practice, that offers individual, couples, family, and group counseling, both in the office and via telehealth.


Equine Therapy

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy could be argued to be the most powerful modalities for attachment yet identified in the therapeutic world. Equine assisted treatment is an intervention utilizing horses as a means to provide metaphoric experience in order to promote emotional growth, create healthy attachment, and increase insight and understanding into our loved ones and ourselves.


Therapy Through Cooking

This creative and unique intervention is specific to increasing your emotional and environmental toolbox in order to create a stronger healthier team between you and your spouse, with you and your other family members, or for your current organization. Therapy Through Cooking is team building experiential exercise that is fun, challenging, and helps problem solve the overwhelming feeling of the mundane for daily undesired tasks.


Art Therapy & Journaling

The right side of our mind is where our emotion center is stored. The therapeutic Art and Journaling intervention taps into our emotion center and gives us a chance to explore it without judgment and without shame. It creates an opportunity for your mind to take a time out from the left brained logical world most of us fight so hard to keep up with and allows you a safe space to document your internal experience.


Yoga & Healthy Touch Therapy

Is an intervention that will help assist in an increased connection between your body and your mind. Learning to listen to your body is a skill that many of us have challenges with due to the fast paced, logical, unemotional world we live in.


Therapeutic Nature Walk

Spending time and connecting to nature allows us to be present in a way that we all often overlook. Connecting to nature is an extension of connecting to ourselves. Utilizing mindfulness as a key intervention when spending time in nature and when exercising promotes an authentic experience of grounding, exploring, adventure, and wellness.


Dance & Movement Therapy

Physiologically our brains and bodies are connected; therefore, our brains and bodies want to match in order to make sense of the “crazy”, often chaotic world we live in. Our body language and the way we carry ourselves affects our mental health. It affects our confidence and the electromagnetic energy that we emit into the […]

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