Aly Makena

Aly Makena is known as the Rethink Shrink with Rethink Industries. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II, Internationally Certified Co-Occurring Disorder Professional, Interventionist Specialist, Educator, Presenter, Author, and Blogger.

Aly specializes in trauma, couples, severe and persistent mental illness, as well as, substance abuse. Aly utilizes Brainspotting, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Choice Theory, Harm Reduction Methods, and The Gottman Method as primary modalities.

Aly is a firm believer that no matter what rough roads and alleyways life may lead us down there is always a path towards healing. Through the path of healing we are lead to a place where we can THRIVE. This path is chosen, one you must be prepared for when entering into a therapeutic relationship.

Aly’s treatment comes in the form of finding one’s own personal strengths as a strength-based therapist. The objective is to support clients in learning the tools necessary to make healthier choices, to have more promising futures, and to become more accepting of their pasts. She is passionate about encouraging clients to push through the past, identify previously unimaginable goals and find gratitude in their mistakes and hardships in order to promote healing, increase insight, and decrease internalized trauma.

Aly’s experience lies in helping clients find their way towards new and prosperous futures and her expertise resides in the study of rethinking the way we relationship and rethinking traditional forms of therapy.