Lisa Kaufman Kelly

Lisa’s love of horses began while she was attending a camp in Malibu, CA in the ’70’s when her family adopted the best camp horse – Rusty. This passion continued throughout her childhood when her parents would take her and her siblings to Dude Ranches across the county.  Her very favorite Ranch was Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch where Lisa and her family spent at least 10 summer vacations.

Lisa earned a BS in Business at Humboldt State University, an MS in Hospitality Management and PhD in Education, both from Purdue University.  As a Professor in the School of Technology at Purdue, her favorite class she taught was Organizational Behavior and Human Relations.

After managing restaurants and spending years in Higher Education Administration she returned to the world of horses here at Greenhorn Ranch. Her introduction to Equine Guided Education began when she attended a seminar at Sky Horse Ranch in Bodega Bay.  Hoping to bring this work to Greenhorn Ranch as a team building activity for groups and organizations, she obtained a certification EAGALA – Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association where she found the perfect application of her passions, skills and education.

Over the years, she has developed Equine Guided Education courses and programs for students, families, businesses and organizations for over 9 years.  While much of the work is in the corral with our equine partners, a great deal of preparation is involved including an extensive needs assessment and the development of outcome based objectives, creating an effective and meaningful experience for participants.