Money, Sex, & The Mundane

This is the couple’s retreat package. This package begins as a 2-day package and allows for up to 5-days of retreat services. This package targets the three most common reasons couples come to counseling in the first place and includes creative and evidenced based services that can be experienced either privately or as a group.


The Team Skill Building Dream

This package is tailored for families and organizations looking to focus specifically on increasing skills as opposed to focusing on the healing process. This package is offered for 1-3 consecutive days. This is an experiential and education driven retreat; more similar to a workshop. It targets communication as an umbrella for all healthy interactions around difficult things such as strategy, budgeting, problem solving, body awareness, development of goals and objectives, sudden change, and personal growth.


I’m Strong on my Own

I’m Strong on my Own Package is specific to individuals who either want to explore, experience, process, and skill build on their own in a private session or in a group of new friends.