Dance & Movement Therapy

Physiologically our brains and bodies are connected; therefore, our brains and bodies want to match in order to make sense of the “crazy”, often chaotic world we live in. Our body language and the way we carry ourselves affects our mental health. It affects our confidence and the electromagnetic energy that we emit into the universe. This energy is felt and absorbed by others around us and as humans we mirror what we experience. So if your body language says you are not well, and your energy emits exhaustion or upset then your loved ones and collogues will absorb your energy and turn around a and pass the discomfort on to others. Dance and Movement Therapy focuses on body awareness and will teach you the necessary skills to keep your brain and body focused on the positive, support in the increase in body awareness, and create understanding around how making minor shifts to our posture, tone, and movements can shift our over all well being.