Equine Therapy

Rethink Industries has a theory that horses appear to relate to humans because they are the only animal that has seen the amount of horror and trauma humans have. We brought them into battle and exposed them to the terror of bloodshed and murder. We have traveled them distances, across lands for missions that they have likely experienced on a personal level; just like us. It seems ignorant to believe that they were unaffected by these traumas. The main difference between horses and humans is that they don’t feel they have to lie. They continue to shy away from the things that aren’t good for them and lean into the things that are. Horses don’t appear to struggle with co-dependency the ways we do. They appear to love themselves no matter what happens around them. They stand up for themselves and run away when people don’t listen. Horses can teach us that we too can live a life where we are confident in what we FEEL, and trust that our feelings are right then we don’t have to justify love and care when we don’t feel safe. Horses demonstrate this level of confidence without question. Equine Assisted Therapy can help you learn to live your life from this very same place.